Ajo Sacha

Synonyms: Mansoa alliacea, Pseudocalymma alliaceum
Native to the Amazon Rainforest, this shrub-like vine gets its com- mon name, ajo sacha, meaning “false garlic” in Spanish, from its strong resemblance to garlic in smell and taste. In fact, it is often used as an edible spice because of these qualities. Due to its pleasant, bright green appearance, it is also a common addition to decorative home gardens, both in South and North America
In terms of its traditional medicinal uses, the plant is considered to be an anti-inflammatory treatment for all matter of general aches and pains, and is often used in conjunction with other herbal remedies in a poultice, or medicated bandage that is applied topically to a wound or external abscess. It can also be consumed as a decoction, or tea, and due to the antirheumatic and antimicrobial compounds in its bark, is a common remedy for arthritis pain, inflammation, bacterial infections, cold and u, and even pneumonia.