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“Tiger chondure is also very good to clean the body. The taitas (shamans) from a long time ago, utilized it as protection against the tiger, when there was a lot of tigers here in the Putumayo, it was used as a repellent against the tigre . The taitas cut it, chewed it, or took with them some of its seeds and sometimes even rubbed the plant all over their bodies and went into the jungle and never ran into any tigers.”

(when people in the Putumayo say tiger they are referring to the jaguar)

“Few people know this plant, because they don't know the elements, but even if it looks like a common herb, its a sacred plant, very useful to help clean the aura of the body, when there are energy leaks or heaviness, its useful for cleaning this.She has an aroma, smell it…..And its useful for cleaning the lungs, and also the flower is useful when a women has problems, when her menstruation doesn't come, it makes it come, she has to pull off seven flowers, in a downwards direction. And if there is too much menstruation, hemorrhage, then you have to pull off seven leaves in a upwards direction and cook theses leaves in an infusion and give it to her sweetened with honey from the bees. Its very good for women.”