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“This is the most sacred, she is the companion of the yage or ayahuasca , its the most magical part, she is the wife of the yage , or female yage , and her name is changru panga , changru means that she is planted in the chagra (where crops grow) and panga means leaf. We take the leaves from this plant when we prepare the ayahuasca medicine, depending on the quantity of ayahuasca to be prepared, depends the quantity of leaves taken. But to take the leaves, you have to make use of certain elements, like asking permission from nature, singing some song, hopefully accompanied by a flute or drum, so that the plant feels happy and gives permission and collaborates in the union of the two energies. This is the plant that produces the light (visions) when you drink yage , and it is yage as well. The name of this particular pinta is azul pisco , the Indians call her azul pesco , but only one letter varies, she is also called sky yage , sky pinta yage . There are different types of pintas . Here I only have this one, which was the one given to me, the one my teacher gave to me more then 20 years ago, that's the time I have had this plant. See this plant has flowers now. It's the greatest secret in the field of ayahuasca .”