Amanita Muscaria FAQ

We will cover:

*Overview/History (debunk stigma/mycophobia, reference PUBMED articles on muscimol and muscarine)

Q) How I prepare amanita muscaria fungus for consumption?

A) There are two ways, for the most part. They are detailed below.

The third way is to buccal 100 mg of air dried cap in the cheek. It is an older, ancient technique where grandmothers of a certain indigenous society would buccal the fungal piece (saliva decarboxylates the ibotenic allegedly), and then passed the piece to the grandfathers. I found it was a good, potent technique with no ill effect.
for those in the field, let me just bookmark the two methods of preparation that our peers have been using.

a) Tea: Kenn Rayman’s tea tek

b) Tincture: Follow drying procedure as above. Notice the cover photo? ^ Process via the cover photo - obviously that is a screenshot so that is a very basic way of going about tincture!. Tincture allows for sublingual administration which is highly economical and effective.
Note: Degrees are in Celsius. 80 c / 176 f.

Amanita can also be made into a glycerite tincture, which draws more muscimol and less muscarine. MAX VG tinctures can be safely vaped. Remove gill portions of Amanita before soaking dried skins in glycerine. make sure you get therapeutic grade so you can alternate smoking/ sublingual administration if desired.
Tincture is recommended if you have the time to spare, because not all caps have the same potency. The tincture helps to solve the problem of distributing the actives properly. Also the tincture perfectly decarboxylates the muscimol, as well as making it available my sublingual. I recommend sublingual administration over tea, I have personally had over three dozen experiences this way. All very potent, at about 4 - 10 drops of tincture, held in the mouth for about 5 minutes, then swallowed. The taste is delicious.

Q) What sort of effects can I experience from Amanita Muscaria?

A) Amanita Muscaria is not a “Seratogenic Agonist,” therefore, any comparison with it and Psilocybe mushrooms would be made in great error. Muscimol is a potent IONIC GABAA agonist, affecting the same region of the brain as many benzodiazepenes - without risks of dependency or withdrawl.

If I were to tell you , that there is a mushroom that exists, that could enhance your sleep, great dreams, and provide you with anxiolysis with no withdrawl and risk of dependency, wouldn’t you now say “sign me up? “ rather than “this sucks and didn’t do anything?”

NOTE: the indigenous people who generally used Amanita Muscaria lived to be VERY OLD. They lived in harsh climates (Siberia) , and had nomadic lifestyles. Amanita Muscaria was proven - when properly identified - not only to be “generally recognized as safe” , but also very healthful - a part of a healthy lifestyle.


(please note, there are literally hundreds of scientific studies on Muscimol.)

* Relaxation
*Mild to moderate delerium, depending on dose
*Increase in REM and NON REM sleep, lucid dreaming
*”Body vibrations”, twitches, muscle spasms, night tremors, or dyskinesia (helped by cannabis)
*Micropsia/macropsia (things appearing smaller than usual or larger than usual.

Muscimol can be utilized to wind down an active trip. Here is a report from Hamilton Morris comparing Gaboxadol to Ambien or Lunesta for sleep, between his RC experiences.


Study ongoing for mature, experienced users of "Amanita Muscaria as a home remedy for medical complaints."
Please pass the study on to your peers if you feel it is prudent.
Qualifying uses may include, but not be limited to:
*Alcoholism abatement
*Lyme disease symptom management
*Sleep aid
*To reduce tinnitus, for temporary relief of acoustic trauma
*Anti depressive or to treat eating disorders
*Pain relief
*Sjogren's Syndrome management (Increased natural saliva and perspiration
*Anti cancer or Anti tumor
*Anti convulsive
Topical use as well as oral is probably acceptable.

HEARING LOSS, TINNITUS AND RECOVERY: Some peers who have used muscimol for acoustic trauma said that it reduced their tinnitus. Anecdotally, one fellow who had hearing loss had temporary hearing restored in one ear for the greater part of a day. ENC:
GAD levels and muscimol binding in rat inferior colliculus following acoustic trauma.