Micro Dosing Ayahausca

The micro dosing pure vine only - 500 grams of paste. you re hydrate with one liter of distilled water. that gives you 1.5 liters of micro dosing.

There are 20,000 drops in one liter. in 1.5 liters there are 30,000 drops. If you repackaged this into 50 ml bottles with eye dropper, you will have around 60 bottles. Sell at $40 dollars per bottle... 40 X 60 is $2400 dollars.

250 GRAMS= need 16.5 oz of water to hydrate
For 25g = need 1.6 oz (move one decimal from 16.5 since 25 is one tenth of 250).
500 GRAMS=need 33.8 oz of water to hydrate

YOU can also FREEZE half PASTE before hydrating or refrigerate the remainder after hydrating.

Dosing: We recommend 7 drops a day: HOWEVER, YOU need to adjust if it is too much or too little. Some people start with 2/3 drops and go with dose. This all depends on what you FEEL. Listen and observe yourself...it is a good idea to watch what your intake of foods are too. It is said, that when micro dosing (m/d), you don’t have to be on diets. HOWEVER, some people have said, intake of caffeine does bother them...some foods, and they also have noticed they don’t want to drink alcohol anymore, or not as much. YOU have to LISTEN to YOUR body and Madre.

Also, some people take a teaspoon every 3 days.
WE suggest keeping a journal...after the first dosing compare your notes with the second and come to a conclusion.