Chiric Sanango

Synonyms: Brunfelsia uni ora, Manaca Patient(s) administered: Nicola, Melinda
Chiric sanango is a owered shrub used by curanderos to treat many conditions, and in many forms. Consumed in root teas and
mixtures or applied topically, the plant houses several chemicals with strong medicinal properties; most notably manaceine and manacine, which stimulate the lymphatic system, and scopoletin, a phytochemical that has shown to possess antitumor, antifungal, and antibacterial qualities. It has been patented in the U.S. for it’s ability to inhibit production of nitric oxide in the body.
Chiric sanango can be toxic in large doses and can produce tem- porary but sometimes intense sensations in the body, including chills, tingling, and sedation. It is highly respected by the Ama- zon’s curanderos and its usage comes with careful preparation and dosage.