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Rapé different

Caneleiro (dores osteoarticulares)

Cumaru (problemas respiratórios, como asma, rinite)

Emburana (Leishmaniose, asma e Alzheimer)

Mulateiro (dores de cabeça e tensões)

Tsunu (equilíbrio dos centros emocional, mental e físico)

Murici (Limpeza energética)
Putumavo Blend
Made by a shaman In Putumayo, Colombia, the home of Ayahuasca. This Rapé is made with the ayahuasca vine and the ash of yarumo, a classic rapé from Colombia with feminine energy. It helps with meditation, it cleanses your body from negative energy and it opens the heart It is perfect for concentration and clarity. A good rapé to share with other people; it increases good energy and positive thoughts

Kuntanawa larina
Powerful and flowery Rapé from the Kuntanawá tribe. Very deansing and forcefully grounding. Ideal for balancing energies and obtaining peace of mind. Flor de Jarina is a much appreciated Rapé among the Kuntanawa’s; they say that the Jarina flowers make them invisible to enemies, spiritual and physical ones, and the flowers keep the enemies far away.

Kuntanawa Alfavaca
From the Kuntanawa tribe, made with tobacco and tsunu ash, this also contains the herb Alfavaca da Mata and helps against what the Indigenous call the 'Panema', a general negative energy that brings sickness, uncomfortable feeling and makes things go wrong in daily life when negative energy manifests and starts to accumulate In the energy field of a person.

Kuntanawa Cipo Almo (spirit vine
Soft blend of light brown color. This Rapé is made of vine and leaf that are used to make Ayahuasca medicine. It is a specially sacred blend being that it uses the plants of the sacred beverage of the Tribes, called the Uni. Definitely a great ceremonial rape. Very grounding and gets you into your body. Does not have hallucinatory properties.

Kuntanawa Ava and Cumaru
This Kuntanawa medicine was crafted with local organic Moi Tabaco, ashes from the Sapota tree and Cumaru seeds giving it it's sweet scent. This is a Rapé for concentration that gives us strength and firmness in the spiritual world and opens the gates to spiritual concentration. Cumaru is also a very strong anti-inflammatory medicine.

This rape is made in small batches by the Katukina tribe and incorporates the special properties of the Paricá tree. The Paricá tree is known as a pioneer plant, exhibiting the energy of one that corrects degradation or devastatioa This Parika rape has similar but more subtle properties to Yopo, opening up the 3rd eye and helping clear negative energies.Consider this rapeh for ceremonial use, take it often during focused sessions of meditation or contemplation.

This Rapé comes from the Kaxinawa tribe, also known as "Huni Kuin" it is considered a strong and masculine Hapé.
This is great for Removing Negative Energy, Deep Cleansing, Grounding, Chakra Learning and Alignment prior to a Spiritual Ceremony. This is a phyiscally healing Rapé. This Rapé creates a very rapid sharp sensation that can be felt through the entire head helping to create focus and heighten awareness.

This Rapé comes from the Kuntanawa tribe from Brazil. A very beautiful and divine rapé, which has very sweet yet deeply profound energies. Wonderful for deep emotional journeying, energetic re-alignment, connecting to the higher chakras, overall cleansing, and profound teachings. The Rapé is prepared with a base of local, organically grown Tobacco and the ashes of Tsunu tree. The special character of this Rapé comes from the herb Lourinho that gives it a pleasant fresh smell. Lourinho is used for spiritual cleansing. Another local herb from the region used in this particular blend is Kapaxanba which is said to work great for headaches.

This is recommended for those new to the medicine. A very pure, strong and beautiful Rapé full of healing force. Re-aligning the body and spirit and connecting you to Spirit. Harmonious and purifying. Sharp and aromatic. Avery powerful and beautiful feminine rapé, which is akin to the ’Warrior princess' - superb for deep cleansing, re-aligning, and connecting more to the powerful feminine-yin energies. Wonderful for intense meditation, energetic releasing, deep healing, and profoundly connecting to your chakras and energetic field. The Yawanawá (yawa = “wild boar" and nawá = "people") are an indigenous people who live in Acre in Brazil, Madre de Dios in Peru, and Bolivia.

This green Rapé doesn’t contain tobacco, but various healing plants from the Amazons. It brings a silent feminine energy which Is beautiful to meditate with. It helps to open the senses, gives clarity and can intensify vour dreams. Beautiful to tune In with the more subtle energies of the forest and it's healing plant spirits. This Rapé is made bv the Apurina tribe that lives in the Southern part of the Amazons. They want to keep the recipe secret.