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Ambil is the liquid form of tobacco that is placed on the tip of the pinky finger, the finger of humility, to be eaten in prayer. It is prepared by taking fresh tobacco leaves and cooking them in fresh water over a wood fire for 12 to 20 hours. healer prepares the ambil that guests consume. Ambil is often used in the presence of coca leaf or mambe, and the union of these two plants clarifies and sweetens communications, and makes us more sincere in our dealings with one another. The combination of ambil and mambe represents the sacred union of the Father Creator, represented by tobacco, and the Mother Earth, represented by coca leaf. Ambil alone also realigns our chakras, grounds us emotionally, and encourages positive, insightful conversation.

Ambil is tobacco paste mixed with different kinds of vegetable salts (Sale de agua). According to the Amazonian tradition and the myth of the origin, Ambil is a power plant that allows man to cleanse and heal in order to receive guidance from God and the Spirits.

The ambil represents original thinking. The thought of God, the connection with the universal thought.

Ambil is placed in the mouth by dipping a finger or removing a small amount with a spatula or finger nail and rubbing it on the teeth, gums, or tongue. Although consumed alone, ambil is sometimes ingested simultaneously with other snuff products.
Generally, it has limited distribution in South America. It is found among tribes of the northern end of the Andes in Colombia and Venezuela, and some parts of the north-west Amazon.
In the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta in Colombia, the indigenous people prepare a thick black jelly/jam through a baking sheet of tobacco juice lasting hours or even days. The product is further thickened by adding starch – either cassava, or arrowroot.
Well-green leaves of the lower part of the tobacco plant are selected to be cooked over a slow fire. At the same time, salts are obtained by certain tribes by the evaporation of water which has been poured and percolated through ash tree parts. The salts are added to make ambil, while they concentrate it into a thick syrup or paste. Salt or alkaline ashes are used by some tribes, as part of their recipe for ambil.
Some tribes consume ambil together with coca, ayahuasca, and possibly other hallucinogens.
Also, you can take Ambil just before your rapé session in your gums, and it’ll make everything much stronger – grounds, cleanses, clears your thoughts, opens your heart and throat chakras, and connects you to Spirit...
Very masculine energy of Father Tobacco. Also, some tribes use it during other sacred medicine ceremonies, as it intensifies your experiences and deepens your journey much more.
Storage: For best storage conditions, please keep in airtight container and away from bright sunny conditions.
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Ambil tobacco leaves
Lower leaves person
Middle community
Upper elders
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Sale de agua - mixed with tobacco to make Ambil

10 gr per 1 liter