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“I wanted to make clear to you certain things about this plant, because many people speak badly about this blessed plant. This plant is datura or borachero , but people who do not know anything about how to work with this plant say that it is an evil plant, the plant of the devil, but what people don't know is that there are no evil plants, or of the devil, or nothing of the sort. All plants are good. It is only that man does not know how to use the elements. This plant is a sacred plant, it's a plant of power, but it isn't for drinking, as some people do, mixing her with other sacred elements, which causes problems, a hard battle occurs between elements, within ones body. That's why a lot of people get sick or traumatized. This plant, this one is white borachero , has such power, that you have to ask permission to the element and apply it to certain points that we have on our body, that I cannot explain here, because if I did everyone would start using this. So on these energetic points of the body, the flower is applied and this opens a space, whereby we can have a vision or cure a problem. But it's the pure energy of the plant that one works with, without drinking it, this is the power of this plant. Its almost higher then the power of yage . But man has degraded it, that's why its magic no longer works as it did in the past. Some people, very few of us, know how to use it. But this plant is not for drinking, but to work with its energy, you can even extract it with a quartz, so that it is higher, more curative.”