Cannabis and humanity are intimately related. Considering the generous presence of welcoming cannabinoid receptors in our brains, it appears we may even have evolved in tandem. It is one of the oldest known cultivated plants on earth and appears in the record from the dawn of civilization in China and other parts of Asia.
As well as its multitude of traditional uses for everything from household products to medicine, cannabis has a long and deep history of spiritual use in many parts of the world. While in recent times it has been often been misunderstood, maligned, and misused, our task now is to re-honour and reclaim this remarkable plant.
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Ingredientes para la crema de marihuana
1 litro de agua mineralcrema de marihuana ingredientes
1/2 litro de aceite de oliva
65g de cera de abeja
±40g de recortes o de cogollos secos de cannabis (depende de la dolencia, de la potencia del cannabis y del usuario)
Aceite esencial (opcional y al gusto del usuario (canela, vainilla, fresa, etc…)
2 cazuelas, una más grande que la otra para meterla dentro y ponerla al baño maría
1 colador
Varios botes para conservar la crema
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