Sakae Naa (Combretum quadrangulare)
Commonly used parts: seeds and leaves. Reported effects are stimulating, increased alertness, relaxation, euphoria, and drowsiness. This herb is used by farmers in Thailand as a substitute for Kra-tom. Very little is known about this medicinal herb, but there are still many of its properties available for use by both researchers and patients all over the world. Because this is a member of the family of trees, it is very difficult to move around and distribute to other areas of the world, which is why it is so hard to get a hold of it. The leaves are usually chewed raw and kept in the mouth for as long as possible so that they can be absorbed by the soft tissue. The oil can be added to food and drinks and taken on a regular basis. The Sakae Naa helps as a pain relief and also as a way to keep you energized. It has similar effects to coffee, but without the added dehydration.