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huayruro macho or male seeds

The huayruro is a deep red colored seed. If it has a black spot (third seed), it is said to be a male seed and if it's just red it is a female.

Important note : Dangerous to eat, it is highly toxic

The huayruro is a deep red colored seed,, if it has a black spot (third seed), it is said to be a male seed and if it's just red it is a female.

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This distinction is important because the red and black seeds for rituals and to make most ornaments, Huayruro is the name of the tree, its scientific name is "ormosia coccinea" is a species from the legume family.

The tree grows only in tropical and humid regions, it is found in the Amazon and Central America, it reaches a height of 30-35 meters, it has different names in Peru, it is called traditionally “huayruro”.

The seed is toxic and must not be ingested for any reason, especially beware when within the reach of children.

Perhaps the most common or popular definition is the "seed of good luck," however it has other traditional uses.

Historically the huayruro has been used since pre-inkan times and there is information thanks to the spanish writers of that time, writers reveal the uses of huayruro, in ritual ceremonies and as amulets, the Huayruro was even found in archeological remains of Chachapoyas culture which was a pre incan culture.

Today its use is fairly widespread in Peru, and it serves to bring good luck and to avoid negative energies, it is also used against “the evil eye” which is a spell that infants are a victim of , and also against “susto” which is when someone has had a shock or feels fear because of either an entity or strong negative energy, and also as a protector against other peoples envy, that’s why we always recommend you to carry a seed from the huayruro tree. Another property that arises is the union of the couple and of prosperity, one of the widespread uses is for making ornaments and jewelry that have similar purposes, for protection and are unique beautiful.

Legend has it that the “Colla” a Real Inkan wife had suffered from a strange illnes, described as a deep depression of the soul, for which Incan doctors suggested that she wore a necklace made from the huayruros.

In the Amazon rainforest is said that when children of certain ethnicities are isolated in the deep forest, always manage to find their way back home, using huayruro trees for orientation, it is said that they show the path.

The following describes one of the very common modern urban rituals of prosperity, with the use of huayruro: 7 male huayruro seeds, wheat, rosemary leaves, mint leaves, rice and a bowl of clay, wood or glass is needed, this ritual is done by adding to the bowl with the right hand, first the rice grains (prosperity), then the wheat (economic prosperity), then rosemary (economic protection), good grass (to clear the path of fortune) and at the end of each of the 7 huayruro seeds for protection against envy, at each step thanking the universe and pachamama for the benefits, then the bowl can be placed in the bedroom, the living room or business room for a week, it is recommended to perform the ritual every month.